Deck Swiper not passing apple 4.3 spam policy

Hi there

So I created an app that has a similar function to Tinder and I have used the deck swiper component,

However, Apple says that my app does not approve (see the screenshot below) does anyone know anyways to resolve this? (MAybe a more unique deck swiper component?) Please let me know, thanks very much!

I don’t think its to do with the swiping component. It’s because you app is a dating app and they are saying there are enough of those.

Oh right, thanks for this, so are there any ways around this? Or do I have to abandon this project completely?

You could publish as a web app and not bother with the Appstore. Maybe down the line if you get a lot of users you can show Apple that as proof that it’s needed.

New dating apps seem to turn up so they do say yes sometimes. I guess you need to find something more obviously unique about yours.

Did they approve it on Google play store??

I have not tried it yet, will update you if I try to upload it on the google play store!

Ok thanks very much, I will give it a look.

OK,would be waiting

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