Deck Swiper Functionality is limited

I have been building this app for about 4 months and the main idea was to build a tinder clone. When the Deck Swiper was released it was exactly the component we needed with the animations and deck logic. However, I am having trouble filtering out users that I have already swiped on. It is simple logic, and what I have above is a screenshot of my current setup. I want to know how to setup my collections and in what relationships specifically to allow me to Swipe NO on a user, and have that recorded so when I launch the app again, the deck is properly updated without that user

Hi @Tynan_McGrady,

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You might find this post useful:

However, in my experience, these many-to-many filters in Deck Swiper could work very slow sometimes.
@yelkhayami @anon78309838 @pford @theadaloguy @Devops any ideas how to improve the speed of the swiper?

Best regards, Victor.

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Yeah I’ve found that as well. You could try creating an index field to hold the emails of people you disliked and evaluate it based on if their email is present in the text field. Not sure it would be faster, but it’s worth a shot.


@Victor @pford Thank you for the response! I was trying to do something similar to what @pford said, and I think this is what you mentioned.

Created a collection ‘Seen By’ which has a many-to-many relationship with users and stores the logged in user email:

Updated the Users data base to have a many-to-many relationship with the same Seen By collection:
uder USERS database

Then in the deck swiper actions for ‘Left Swipe’ I updated the ‘Seen By’ collection, and added a New seen by record updating the current user with the ‘Logged in’ users email
Left Swipe Action

Then go to the deck swiper tab, and filter out the current users ‘Seen By’ collection by the ‘Logged In’ users email.

Here is an example of this in Testing mode. It works smooth and saves progress properly. However, if I close it out and reopen then the users seem to re-set.


It does properly work if I add someone, it will send a request, so I need to filter out liked users to not show as well. I can use the same logic, but how do I keep users from resetting. Could be a testing mode issue, or something on my end with the actions

Hi @Tynan_McGrady,

I had the following filter (DeckSwiperChoice is the name of the collection for the cards):

So may be you could try to limit the filter to “Seen By” (not select “Users” after)


Still getting the same issue where the system works as intended, but when I close the app and re launch it, my users reset. It wouldnt make sense for the Seen By collection to update temporarily, so I am not sure whats going on. Any fixes for this last issue? @yelkhayami

Hey @Tynan_McGrady not sure if this is something I can fix with a change to the deck swiper since its about data relations. I’ll try to take a look on sunday and get back to you with an answer or workaround.


@yelkhayami I figured it out. I had to create a Many to Many relationship with users to users, to log the current user with the Seen by ‘Logged in User’ so that I could filter it out.

Update current deck user with the Logged in user info

Update Logged user to add the Current user to not show (we can store this info for later)

Last, just add the filter

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Hey Tynan! Is there any chance I could peak under the hood on how you have this all set up? I have a client that wants an app similar to this!

Hi @Tynan_McGrady,
You seem to have achieved what I also want to do, but I can’t implement the filters you have set up.
I would appreciate it if you could answer the following two questions.

Q1. When you used the filter you set, did you experience any “card flickering” or “blank screen”?
Q2. Is it possible for you to show me images of “User” and “Seen By” databases?
(Because I don’t understand the relationship between two databases).

Note: Issues I’m facing (below)
When I added filter (red frame in the following screenshot), cards of Deck Swiper becomes flickering, and the screen goes blank after a few swipes. (When I remove this filter, card flickering is fixed)

The premise is that, users who has been swiped once is set to be placed in the “Swiped” Property in the “User” Record.

I have compared the behavior of Deck Swiper with and without the filter in the following movie, just in case.
In the Without filter condition, the cards are displayed smoothly (without flickering), but when the swipe screen is refreshed, the same cards are displayed again.

with Swiped filter (Card flickering)
with Swiped filter (Card Flickering)
Full Version is on YouTube: Adalo Deck Swiper (with Swiped filter) - YouTube

without Swiped filter (No flickering)
without Swiped filter
Full Version is on YouTube: Adalo Deck Swiper (withOUT Swiped filter) - YouTube

Thank you in advance.

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Hey all, i just published a fix that removes te flicker when using filters. It is yet to be approved and pushed live but just wanted to let y’all know it’s coming soon.


@yelkhayami I have one issue with filtering before showing result in the deck swiper?
the request of filtering is ok juste the first time . If we modify the filter nothing happen.

Hi, I’m facing the same issue, the filters are not at all working in the Deck Swiper.

Do we have any fix for this?