Deck Swiper filtering

I am creating a tinder-like app where users can appear on the deck swiper Component but only based on the category the place themselves in upon sign-up. for example if the user says they like apples the deck swiper will only show other users who also like apples. How do i achieve this. Also how do I create the working filter in which a user can say that they want to see other users who like apples. Since these two go hand in hand.

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You mean something like this? : Deck Swiper Filters

Thank you

Hey thank you. Something similar to this. The way you had the filtering I Like. But I want them to be separate So the people who are saying they like apples aren’t in the pool of the people who are in the category for apples. that’s my dilemma I don’t know how to allow the users to appear only for the categories they want to be in. Example. I’m looking for a big, red, female dog. The categories would be Big, Red, Female. and those results/profiles that fit in those categories would appear. I don’t want the profile looking for the dog to appear in the swipe if their not in those categories. Im stuck on how to do this

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