Basically a question of how

So I have an app basically its publishing platform, and I wanted to ask is there a way to add a share button on adalo for a certain page but if the viewer still hasn’t downloaded the app, the link we’ll suggest them to view it on the app? I tried asking chatgpt and it was giving me instructions that seemed like out of date. Can anyone help?

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is this really something unsolvable?

Hi @chronicleteam,

Maybe the Deep Link component made by @njimmy10 could help here? : Deep Linking is now live ( Am I correct Jimmy? )

Thank you

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Yes, correct. Deep linking does that, you can have two separate deep linking options:

  1. Desktop webapp screen if users don’t have the app, when they click on the link they see it there.

  2. If they have the app, the app should open


Thanks, took a look into it and may integrate it~

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