Default value or actions with Dropdowns?

I’m trying to use dropdowns to replace my custom lists for some options (to speed up the app). But the Adalo dropdown won’t let me set actions when selection is changed or let me set a default option from magic text (I want to use text from a textbox or current value in another table).

Anyone know of a custom component that can do this?

Hi @Meibe,

Still there is no way to add actions to the Drop-down component and you need a button to update the selected value for that property. If you need to do this with automatically after the user selects the value then maybe you can use the countdown. : Countdown with Dropdown.mp4 - Google Drive

Not sure if this work perfectly ( but I think it would ) but just an idea until Adalo release this new feature! Add this feature request here ( search if there’s a request for this and if it is vote for that and if not create a one )!

You can add a default value for the Drop-down! : Dropdown default.mp4 - Google Drive

And Visual Dev Studio ( @knight ) created a component called Select box that you can add actions and default values! : Select Box.mp4 - Google Drive

You can check the demo here : ( Paid tab > Select Box )

Thank you


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