Is there a way for me to make this link to another screen from this dropdown?

Here is a screenshot - Imgur: The magic of the Internet I have this form, I want add an option of Create New in this form. How do I go about doing that?

Hello, there’s 2 ways to do it : First, it is by adding a button under the dropdown that will links you to another screen after choosing the dropdown. Another way is by changing the content on the same screen according to what you have chosen in the dropdown.

Hi @moorecats,

Unfortunately, currently there’s no way to add actions on the drop down component.

You can add a button and link it to a new screen to add a new option like @Ali-Bazzi mentioned!

This may help you! : Books.mp4 - Google Drive ( In here now you don’t need to create a number property for ID because Adalo added that property automatically for us! )

In the one that @knight created has the ability to add actions! You can check the demo here : ( Paid Tab and search for Selectbox )

Thank you

Thanks folks. This worked for me. I added a button. Just have to make it look better.