Defining database relationships via API

  • I have two databases, lets say A & B. When an action is taken on items within database A, I need to be able to make changes to items within database B.
  • I can’t do relationships because the items are sent to Adalo via API, and I don’t think you can define relationships via the API.
  • I tried setting up a custom action that uses PUT to change an item in database B, but it requires an “Element ID” which I don’t know how to pull.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey @marius you are correct with both assumptions. Also, regarding the element ID have a look here:

Working with Adalo API - {ElementId}

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So due to the inability of setting relationships within external collections - Ive spent the last week trying to figure out a work around. I tried taking my database completely off Adalo into Airtable, but setting relationships via API to Airtable tables had it’s own challenges. But in the end I used the Adalo API to post external records into Adalo, then pull the posted items from Adalo so I can get the Element id and then merge it into the table and post it again with the additional id column so I can use it within custom actions to make specific updates to certain records.

I used Parabola mostly to pull and post to the api.

Phew :sweat_smile:

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