Delete Images via API

Is it possible to update a collection and removing or replacing the current image? When sending image to URL, ideally we should be able to delete the uploaded image, if not possible removes the purpose of UI/UX. Thanks

@JL_LJ this should definitely be possible, the action you need to perform while trying to update will be PATCH update the existing record.

Can you provide little more detail on how you’re trying to do this?

Hi @bhanu,

I have a collection with the fields:

  • Name
  • Image
  • ImageURL

I built a an S3 flow that sends the image to S3, then updates the ImageURl with that S3link. I want after this another update that deletes the Image from Adalo Storage.

When you are trying to overwrite the image for that record, you need to trigger an update to it using the record ID or unique identifier.

That way your collection knows which record you’re updating and does the job.

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