HOW storage works

Hi @ben1 , @anon78309838 , @James_App_Maker ,
Today was testing storing Media in AWS S3 to support one of the users, but after some deep dive I have some questions:

When using file picker, if I remove the file URL from my collection, when will the file/Media be deleted?


I have added this picture around 10 minutes ago from the collection, and I can still acess the image. So assuming Adalo has a buffer to “clean” the DB.

When using Image upload, I then update the Image URL (Via API) by swapping with a 1x1 pixel image in order to remove the regular image I uploaded previously and save space in Adalo DB. But same happens as the file picker, I can still access the image after.

If I try to update Adalo’s images via PUT request with empty field, I get an Error 500, so I always need to send an image placeholder for API request to work.

So in which moment does the DB gets updated and removes images? Thank you very much.

Would be a great an answer for this @ben1 , @anon78309838 , @James_App_Maker.
I still see the images in the DB on your side, so if you don’t remove this from the user Account, it just makes using AWS S3/ImageKit IO/Imgix useless as we will always be using Adalo’s storage anyway.

So an answer to the community would be great. Thank you very much.

No answer up to now? important questions must have “fast answers”, i am not saying solutions, because this sometimes takes/need time but answers is “great” to think about, check other possibilites and or workarounds. :slight_smile: @anon78309838 can you help ? @karimoo I saw that you did some researches about cloudinary, in these did you found out or had any conclusion ?

Thanks for pushing this up.
I actualy found a solution for this but it is complicated to explain :smiley: , it is possible with Integromat also and developed my own, I will market it soon, if you want to test it let me know, I still need some testers.

What was your solution?

@yugi a very simple out of the box solution to more storage is use AWS S3, using the Adalify API and Plugin. I use the Adalify plugin as it also enables very large file uploads, while Adalo doesnt allow above 50mb.

Adalify by @theadaloguy

Yes it does cost a bit more per month but it works out of the box and has been flawless for me. You can link your own AWS also and price scales as you scale, as well as deleting the files etc…

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Hi @yugi,
Was that for me? My solution works different than adalify as I don’t use webview but Adalo image upload or file upload directly. Not sure if file upload restricts the 50MB, maybe @iAppsNi has already tested it.
I need a couple of weeks to get back into Adalo track, much is probably going on during my absence, see if I can post a video soon.

Yes, unless this has changed since 2 months ago, I raised it as a bug and got a response from the Adalo team that it was intentional and not a bug, the limit was in place. So Adalo did not allow large file or image uploads (above 50mb). That’s why I moved to Adalify, and there are more benefits to the Adalify API namely image manipulation and also external storage.

Hi @JL_LJ ,

Have you got an update on this?

Hi @Shnate,
I use my own API for this, if you would like to test it, DM me. I have some APIs running, but only for a small group of people, as I didn’t have much time this year to Adalo due to the amount of projects I have running.

But anyone that wants to test this, just DM me.