Delete Profile Image

Hi everyone,

I have this situation:

If a user clicks the red remove icon, it should delete ‘current users’->‘profile image’. For some reason I cannot select this option. I can also not update the field to for instance.

Any suggestions? I searched the forum and saw a solution with a placeholder for each user in a second column in the db, but this is not really preferred. Aren’t there any nicer solutions?

Thanks for helping me out! :pray:

Hi @Toms,

Try this : Are you'll guys aware of this?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera! Thanks for your suggestion. It’s an interesting one. I don’t hear any sound with your video, but I think you do the magic in a new modal right? It’s still not the nicest solution, because it leaves you with two grey rectangles in the end. Isn’t there a cleaner solution?

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