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I am reading this topic that was started about a year ago and I believe no updates have been made on the image picker - did anyone find something to remove an image from the image picker if my user finally decide to don’t add a picture and would like to remove it?


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Hi @Kevindcz ,

Check this out,

Hey @Yongki I guess that could be a solution. I’ll try that and see if it fits my use case. Thank you!

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@Yongki so I tried, and unless I’m not doing this right, this won’t fit my use case.

Let me explain really quick.

My goal is for a user - a vendor more specifically, to be able to upload up to 10 images for one of their product. It’s fine they can do it with image picker, however, if they make a mistake and upload the wrong picture, they have no way to delete it. Which is ok cause they could just click on the image picker and select another photo.

The problem is, if they wanna add let’s say 6 pictures, and they add 7, they can’t remove the 7th one which would be store in the database and this will not correspond to the right product.

I hope that’s clear.

If you know a way around this, I’ll take it :slightly_smiling_face:

So I guess you have 10 image properties in the same collection.

My take would be, still using your current database layout and add additional boolean for each those images, change its visibility according to this boolean.

The image placeholder you use to replace the wrong image can be transformed to look like your image picker which have “change photo” text inside.

Or you can have another collection that hold image as record instead of property, you can let the user delete it using custom list and put delete button inside it, then you can show them on horizontal list or vertical list.

The advantage of the later option is you can sort, but the disadvantage is the arrangement of the screen layout will follow the list layout.

Thanks for your answer.
So I have an image collection, it has a one to many relationship with a product collection.

A product can have multiple images, an image belongs to one product.

If the vendor upload 10 images for product ID 128 for exemple, then the 10 records (in image collection) will have ID 128 ad thus will be related to the product with ID 128.

Now, because those pictures aren’t stored anywhere before the vendor upload them, I can’t access them and create a custom list with a delete button. It has to be created first.

I was thinking of turning image picker into a list and add an action to it. Such as, “create image in image collection when picker is clicked” then use the visibility to show the picture and hide the picker. But that’s not working.

I guess my best bet is to let the user upload the image one by one, clicking on an “upload button” for each image. This would create a record that I can then manipulate.


Yes, the delete button is used after the list is filled

Try using form for image, put it on another screen.

This is the 2nd option.

Thanks; I just used the last option for now.

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