Deleting Linked Data


I am building a project manager. Lets say I have 3 collections: Production, Areas and Items. The user can create a production, then create its production’s areas, then its areas’ items. However, when user deletes a production, all the created areas and items for that production remain in the platform, unlinked. Is there a way to avoid that?

This is similar to Deleting Cascading records post, try this this is very easy.
The trick is to put the action on a Screen and NOT on button/form.

Screen 1 with Parent Record List on tap of the list it goes to a screen
Screen 2 Parent record info, now add the delete button here and link it to a blank page
Screen 3 On this blank Screen , add as much as actions you need. One action per child record.

*It is important that you are choosing the Current record mate…

Thank you! I will give it a shot!!

Also note that you should add a final action here to Link Back to the previous screen (or link to any other screen). Otherwise your user is stuck on an empty screen.

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