Issue deleting record through Button action


I’ve seen posts on this before but couldn’t really find a solution that works for me so…

I’m working with external data & external users, so I created a workflow where a button is clicked, relevant external User data is requested through a Custom Action and then duplicated into an internal Temporary User collection.

Now, because I don’t want Temporary User records to pile up when a button is clicked, I’m trying to get the Temporary record deleted when the user navigates back to the previous screen. So: when ‘back’-button is clicked > Delete Current User > link Back.

In theory this should work but it doesn’t. The record won’t get deleted and I don’t see any other way to get this done.

I have read that deleting records is something that’s not working properly yet but frankly in this case I do need it to work properly.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?