Delete record from db

why i can not delete from my collection?
i see only user collection …
i can create my collection but delete and update i see only user collection…

Have you found a solution for that? I have the same problem at the moment and cannot figure it out.

Hi :wave:

It’s because you have to link from a list to another screen then that data is linking and in the other screen you can delete current item. In here there’s no data in the home screen.(Linked Data)

Like you have a list in your home screen like Restaurants and you are linking that list to another screen and you can delete the current restaurant in that screen.( Because the Data has linked from the previous screen)

The screen with the list

In the other screen

Here’s the list


And when I click the button that current skill ( The skill I clicked to go to that screen) is deleting.I have chosen Math and now it’s deleted because I clicked the button.


Thank you