Deleting records with make or zapier

how can someone delete records with zapier and make im not talking one record im talking multiple records at a time like for example i want this record to be deleted if a boolen is false or after this amount of time these records get deleted my question is is that possible
thank you

Hi @akia,

Short answer: In Make you need to use Iterator + Adalo Delete record module. Between an Iterator and Adalo Delete Record you can put a filter which allows only certain records to pass it.

Longer answer: there are several options for such scenario in Make, they depend on your exact requirements.

Option 1: you add a “List Records” Adalo module (which is inside an Iterator). After that you add “Delete Record” module and delete the record with ID from the 1st module. In the filter between you set up the criteria for records to pass it.
It will work for up to 1000 records; after that you’ll have to create some manual extension to work with Adalo paging (as Adalo API doesn’t return more than 1000 records now).
You can invoke this scenario using scheduler or add a webhook as a starting point and call it whenever needed.

Option 2: you can add a “Adalo API call” module, set it up in a way that it filters the required records, then add an Iterator module after (which iterates Body → Records) and then add a “Delete Record” module. You may use an optional filter between Iterator and Delete record.
The filtering is briefly described here Adalo + Make: how to use new Adalo API filtering in Make scenarios - YouTube (not using Adalo API call module but HTTP module, however the principle is similar).

Option 3: if you have a relationship for the records to be deleted (e.g. Shopping Cart and Cart Items, where Items belong to Cart), you can have a scenario like: Get Records (here you get shopping cart), then Iterator to iterate an array of Cart Items’ relationship, and then Delete Record.

Important note: I highly recommend testing the scenarios thoroughly on some test data, as record deletion is irreversible and you can risk losing all your data in case of incorrect setup.


first of all thanks for taking some time respond with such a in depth answer is it possible to automate this action without me having to keep on writing the record id

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