Make limit with Adalo to 3200 records: How to use the Adalo Make API call


So my app has more than 3200 records in the order collection and I’m not able to understand how to use the Make/integromat “Adalo make API call” module.

I basically need to filter for these things:

“conditions”: {
“Timestamp”: {
“operator”: “>”,
“value”: “2023-02-24T00:00:00Z”
“Order is confirmed?”: {
“operator”: “=”,
“value”: true
“Added to google sheet?”: {
“operator”: “=”,
“value”: false

Where and how do I need to put this in the module? Right now it’s returning the first 100 records.

I probably need to use OFFSET but I’m also not understanding how to use it

thank you :slight_smile:

Howdy @axme

You can add the limit query parameter to the adalo api call and increase it.

Then use an iterator and a filter:

The iterator breaks down the array of users so that you can filter them individually.

Then, the filter there should contain all of your condition parameters that you were attempting to use as query parameters.

Thank you @Flawless :pray:

I might be misunderstanding how the module works, The problem is that the initial module only returns the first 100 records.

And I need it to start returning records starting at like record #2750 that are marked as “added to sheet” = false

so my questions are:

  1. Where do I put the OFFSET (URL, headers, body, query string)? Will that make the GET API call start at record ID #2750?
  2. Is the best way to get this to continue working by having in the formula start at record 2750 and “added to sheet” = false ?

thank you very much