Deletion of data

< can we delete data from 2 databases simultaneously, is it possible ??
(more elaboration to the above question) i am trying to delete data from one list but the data is linked with other database but I can’t delete those is there any way>

Is the other database external? Like xano, airtable? Or do you mean another collection inside Adalo?

< the data is inside adalo I have linked two databases A and B, such that I have made a simple list for both of them in different screens, as for database A list, I have added a delete button later further I realised that I wanted the data to be removed from both the databases when I delete it from database A list. Is it possible or do I have to reconfigure it out? >

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Need an urgent reply ???

If using custom lists, you can have a list within a list. So an outer list, and an inner list with the related database. So any button inside the inner list can update both collections.

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