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I am creating an app and i’d like a feature where within the app the user can create delivery pick-ups on items they’ve sold.

Does anyone have any recomendations on how this can be achieved as i’m a little bit out of my depth here.

I’m thinking something along the lines of the two options below, although i’m not sure if its even possible!

  1. link to the shipping website from within the app (e.g. fedex, ups, dpd etc.) where the users login details are stored and from the details in adalo i create the shipping information for them

  2. integrate an existing app (havent found one yet) so it opens within my adalo app and then users complete all of the information there

Any help on this would be appreciated

do you want your users to track a shipping code or to buy a new one from a selected company?

Ideally buy a new shipping code which can then be passed onto the Buyer (who purchased a product in the app)

Whereabouts are your users located?

Currently just the United Kingdom

Perfect, Royal mail’s got your covered :smiley:

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