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Hello Adalo!

I need some help.

My idea is to create a customer-based app like a food delivery app but for delivering items in the game.

Customer accounts should have points (credits) and an option to deposit money via PayPal, Stripe, and Crypto-Payments. Money will be used to purchase credits which will be used to purchase products in the app.

The second thing is after they send an order. There should be three steps - QUEUE, PURCHASING, DONE. Our customer service should be able to send a notification when we start purchasing items for a customer and another notification that everything is finished.

Is it possible to create with Adalo?

Hi @stevenmarshall ,


I would say this is really possible, as soon as confirmation of the payment you would like to notify the customer of stages of the processing.

Thank you!

I’m pretty happy to hear that.

About payment confirmation… The idea is to have an option to purchase APP coins with real money (most customers actually use crypto-payments - USDT) and with those coins to purchase products in the app.

Is there a system to confirm payments automatically?

How to create everything?

So happy so far with the whole Adalo platform, so many features.

You can check new stripe component for that.

I would suggest to learn to create database first and walk the way through familiarizing the components.

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