Create delivery applications for customers

I want to start making apps for people. Can anyone help me with these questions? 1- If the customer wants the source code of the app, can I give it to him in case he ever wants to? 2- is it possible for a programmer to handle the code? 3- If an app from a client of mine is in my account in my account, Adalo can pass the app and the database to his account if he wants to have his Adalo account one day and wants to do that, it would be possible ? 4- With a pro account I can have how many Delivery apps with the 5 gigs available in the pro account? 5- If the app is in the app stores and at some point I don’t continue with the Adalo subscription, will it be possible to edit the app, or just with the subscription? Changing the code would be possible * Anyone who can help me, so that I can understand, and see the best way to make my customers happy will be great.

Hi Tay,

  1. No this is not possible right now.
  2. Also not possible right now.
  3. Yes this is possible.
  4. This totally depends how much data is held in each apps database. Hard to give a number for this!
  5. You will need a paid subscription in order to create native app builds.

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