Invisible and invisible elements in a list

i have reviewed other comments in the forum regarding this but after numerous tries of the suggestions still have issues…
I ended up making 3 cards for each type of posts(1 for text, 1 for photo and 1 for video Posts) in one list item of a custom list. i ended up selecting all three cards and made them a list.

Once i preview or test none of the cards show up for the different posts. I am attaching screen shots for

you to see. I am sure the logic is ok for the visibility.
Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 11.33.07 PM

i also tried to just make the picture and video components set to sometimes visible but after trying all suggestions in the forum the visibility worked but always inconsistent formation and other components not showing up.

This is a web app as well.

Please help with any suggestions.

This is one that’s tough to say without having access to the app. It may be better to do a screen recording, showing the database setup (including a couple of records so we can see how you have all of the settings), the actual list settings, components within the lists, magic texts. and visibility settings for each component you have them set on.

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