Designed UI in Figma and would like to design it in Adalo

I designed mu app UI in figma, Can design the same design in Adalo, Colors etc?

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I made a clonable app similar to your screenshot, but even better.
Take a look and clone it:


Great work !

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Just built a one to show you that this is possible with Adalo! :wink:

Thank you

Mine definitely is better

The version that @dilon_perera created does a great job matching the exact style requested with the initial screenshot that @zaccoraro provided.

The version that you made, @firozkhanuk1214 is definitely nice on the eyes, however, it does not have the same feel as the initial screenshot.

We’re not in competition here yall. I’m sure both of your demos are highly appreciated.


Thank you for your response. I appreciate your effort to show me how its done on Adalo. I really want to build something like the screenshot attached below. Is it possible?


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You can build a chat app. If I’m correct the auto width and height is not possible for the messages still. And you can add the call feature from the video all component created by @tylerssn . I don’t think you can put Emojis. And you can share the images with a message.

All the best :facepunch:

Hope it helps !

Thank you

Thanks Ill watch the vedios and try follow along.

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Great and your welcome :+1:

Thanks,Your quick responds is greatly appreciated. I will ask for help if I run into problems with my app. :+1:

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Your welcome :+1: You can post the problems here. Then everyone can help you

will surely do.

One more question, acording to my Figma design, there are some elements like emoji or others that are not possible with adalo, is it possible to intergrate third party tools to achieve that?

You can Integrate.

But not sure emojis

thats okay. thanks

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I cloned the Chat App on Adalo and was trying to follow along, one thing I notice about the Chat app Template is that, when I send message to the same person multiple times , the name of that person gets duplicated in the list. How can I fix that?