Figma Support - Import Designs

Hey @jessehaywood - do you know will the import of UI designs become part of Adalos Road Map from the likes of Figma?


I haven’t personally heard anything about this, but I like the idea. We have a few huge projects that are all hands on deck at the moment, so in the short-term I don’t see that happening. I’d recommend voting on it here: Figma Integration/ Import | Voters | Adalo

Also, you can stay up to date with what we are currently working on and planning here:

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Thanks @jessehaywood. Im already loving the UI design capabilities. I tried an expierment of matching a design from

This was the original:

This was the Adalo attempt at matching. Very few things could I not do. Since this one, it got me creating 10 more templates which may be I can put onto the Marketplace once completed. If Figma import was possible it would be incredible for makers and designers. But this could provide opportunity for Adalo designers to go create templates to sell!


I love it! You’ve got some skills.

We are working on updating our marketplace: Marketplace updates and incentives | Voters | Adalo

I wish I could share more about it, but I think a lot of your desires will be met!


Thanks. This sounds exciting.

It would be worthwhile doing a tutorial on your Vector Tool in Adalo covering best practices and maybe some improvements to the tool itself maybe with gradient control etc and also try make it more user friendly. Most free form design tools the vector tool is the go to for bespoke design where these could be used in Lists, Tab Bars etc. Example making a tab bar like this.


Keep up the great work.


Tutorials are beyond me! I’ll tag @pford. He handles our education.


hi did you find away to import a figma template design to adalo?
or did you copy the design from scratch?


Hey @admaxx I designed from scratch to test the capablities :slight_smile: No figma import yet.

ok thx…may i ask you something
when i design an app in figma
how can i convert the app for real use

In Adalo this is not possible yet. You must design the UI in Adalo.

ok thank you…
but do you know a online tool how i can import my figma template like adalo?