Desktop app layout problems

I can’t seem to get any layouts to work properly in desktop mode. I am using the pages straight from builder with no modification and they are now working. any tutorials or docs i can look at?

The left nav page especially seams to not work.

Go to Style and select Fixed as none.

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Hi, I am trying to figure out this desktop alignment issue and I can’t find “style” unless you means “Edit Styles” on the page and there I can’t find “Fixed” as an option. Can you help? Thank you in advance!

Okay, I now see that you meant on the item on the screen that is out of proportion but now I have a new concern… I want a side menu that is locked to the screen. By setting the Fixed position it scrolls with the page making it impossible to accomplish. Can someone at Adalo do something about this problem? It’s clearly a glitch because the “persistent left view” option comes with the menu fixed to the screen and looks completely different on the site than it does in the editor. @Ben