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Do desktop web app is like a website where people can open through domain or user has to installed it on desktop?

I have an Adalo mobile app now I want same thing as a website but I am not sure is desktop web app is app or a website?

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They are opened from a url.


What are the differences between a desktop web app and a normal website?

I have also same confusion. I see difference in UI. Adalo web app look like Adalo mobile app. There are not any navigation which we usually found in website .

Yeah but I think we should be able to make the desktop web app look the same as any other website? Is it just that it shares the same database as the app?

Traditionally the difference between a website and a web app is how the information is displayed. A website is a place of static information that does not really change, it can be navigated through links but the user doesn’t really interact with it. Think Wikipedia it’s a webpage where the information mostly stays the same. A web app on the other hand is dynamic what the user does on the app changes the information that is displayed there. Think Facebook, where there is tons of interaction that changes what the user sees. Today there are some sites that you can visit that are a kind of hybrid between the two. Think like a page for a restaurant, it’s probably a hybrid of sorts with website elements that have and about them that never changes or a menu that stays mostly the same but say you can also order online that online ordering portion is a web app.

Adalo also has an article explaining the difference more and with some different examples, that I thought was helpful when I was starting out on my app. Website vs. App: What are you Creating? | Adalo Blog

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