Desperate Help Needed

I’m desperate for someone from the Adalo team to help me with an issue. I know it will only take a few minutes. I currently have users registering on the app via the shared webpage and adding new menu items is not working. Please can someone help me ASAP.

Hi there I’m not from Adalo but can you please elaborate further so that we can understand your issue.

Hi Devops, The issue im having is creating new items from a form and linking the data from the previous page, i can manage to do it by turning the form into a list however i then can’t enter information into the form.

Can you be more specific as I don’t understand (please send some pictures)

So the user logs in and can see their pub and menu items. They can edit an exsiting menu item and update it. But when adding a new one, the data of which pub it is, is not carried over. so they can add a new item and it enters into the database but it doesn’t assign it to the pub. The only way i can is to turn the form into a list, but when doing this it doesn’t regonise any data inserted into the form and things the form is empty.

Is this a list of publications? (Would appreciate a picture)

Is this a list of items/categories with a relationship to your user’s publications? (Also need a picture)

Hmmmm not sure I understand so please send a picture

Would you like to do a sreen share or something, might be easier to explain if you have a few minutes

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Hi @mightyels,

I assume that by this [quote=“mightyels, post:5, topic:4376”]
So the user logs in and can see their pub and menu items
you mean “Pub” is a restaurant?

I guess that the problem of user’s not seeing their Pub is that Pub data is not available on the menu items add page. May be you could do something like this:

  • have a “pubs” screen, with a list of pubs, filtered by current user (so this list contains one pub). User can click on it
  • on the next screen, you can have a menu items & stuff. The “current Pub” record will be available for this screen. So if you have a form which adds menu item, then you in the form you could add the link to “Current Pub” in the form (set automatically).

Hope I got it right :slight_smile:

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Victor, What you sugested has worked. Thank you, it’s a work around but has actually enabled me to create a “Dashboard” which works.

Thank You very much for your help. You’re a star!!


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