Help with forms and lists

Hello, I am new to adalo and wanted to know if something is possible. Im gonna use a scenario to better let others understand what im wanting to do. This is a app that would only be used for a few people, not open to the public. Lets say that I create a form about a restaurant I went too. I stated the price, what I got, the name, etc. Lets also say I submit another form and 1 or 2 other people do as well on the same day. So, all the forms created for today will be submitted into 1 list for that day. If a form is made tomorrow, a new list will be created for that day. It’s to know the total price in all and knowing the places they went too for each day based on the forms made. Is that possible?

Hey @shimishoes,

Let’s close this and discuss this question on a one post!

Thank you