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Hello, I am having trouble with figuring out this simple yet confusing problem. Let me run a scenario real quick. I want a user to pick to eat and then submit a form. But, lets say that the user wants to come back and pick another place to eat and submit another form. I would want a summary of the submitted forms for the day on another page which would consist of how much the places costed in total. Would that be possible? Let me know if anyone could help me, thanks!

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You can create a collection for store forms. After creating the collection you can add a form on the screen to create a record in there. In the collection create a one to many relationship between the users collection and this collection to store the creator. And you can add a list to show the records. You can select that collection and filter it for Logged in user’s > Items.

Docs that will help you! : Database - Adalo Resources , Lists - Adalo Resources , Forms - Adalo Resources

Let me know if you didn’t get it and is it possible to share a example that how you need?

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Hello, thanks for a speedy response. That doesn’t fully answer the question i’m needing, but helps me a little. I’m moreover needing a solution for the dates. For example, all the forms created for today will be submitted into 1 list for today. If a form is made tomorrow, a new list will be created for that day. It’s to know the total for the day based on the forms. Is that possible?

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