Develop a better audio component

I need someone to build a custom audio player component, the component needs to have the following features
1- Autoplay
2- Auto continue
3- Playlists
4- Bookmark audio
5- Like/Dislike audio
6- Stream instead of fully download
7- offline audio play (optional)

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I second that. I also need support for CarPlay and Android Auto, and better buffering capabilities for streaming audio.


I just want a simple method to play a sound when a button is pressed…

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I got you covered @Taro & @creativechili !

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I can show you how to do this!

Are you talking about Audio Player + Countdown?

I just made a tutorial, uploading it to youtube right now.

Great stuff indeed, thanks for that. But what we are looking for (at least me) is a custom developed audio component. The stock one from Adalo is good, but it has a number of issues that needs to be improved. Especially for streaming.

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What issues are you facing?

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Exactly, not to mention that it has no streaming functionality, as well as it’s zero customizable.

As described above. Support for CarPlay and Android Auto, and better buffering capabilities for streaming audio. And as @Taro said, better customizations of certain aspects. And also be able to manage events via actions (start, stop etc).

@Taro @creativechili What source are you trying to stream audio from? What file formats are provided by the streaming source? & What customizations are you struggling with?

Adalo is a very universal tool, but not necessarily focused on creating streaming music-related apps. This would more than likely fall under the “custom component” category where you may want to find a developer to create this integration for you.

For your apps, this may be a very critical component, however, I don’t see this as being something that Adalo would worry about any time soon.

The source is Adalo’s database
The file format is MP3
Customizations include branding, removing and positioning buttons, removing and positioning the progress bar
Additional features include, resume play, show art in the notification bar of the device and audio analytics.
I’m budgeting 1000$ for this component