Did Adalo is secured enough to build booking system?


I will try to build a booking system to my client, in transportation his ticket minimum cost 1000$.

My question:
1- If I build the app using adalo do I need a third party to secure the app or the internal adalo security will cover it

2- If anyone have an idea on protect the app, please share it.


Hi @ahmedalnaqa,

It is hard to answer your question as it is very vague. Security is obviously a large and complex topic and one which we take seriously. If you have specific questions about it please let me know.

Thanks Colin for your answer

and thanks for Adalo team for building this product, good luck.

Am afraid form hackers to access the credit cards used on a booking, under this case

1- Will save the credit card number on my database but without the CVV then will let the user add it within the booking payment.


Although our databases are secured and you could safely store info on there, I would ask why it may be necessary to do so :). The safest approach will always be to not store sensitive data anywhere if it can be helped.

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Yes, you are right, but I need to add a more easy and flexible way to my user.

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