Identity Verification

I’m looking to verify ID’s through user submission of a photo of their ID. Is there a way to do this safely and securely?

Hi @adalouser500

Depends on your definition of safely and securely. For instance, Adalo apps are encrypted and data is securely stored, but there aren’t user roles within the Adalo editor (any editor could see all images).

What are your requirements for this and are you required to keep all records? That would reduce your risk if you are verifying information then deleting the images, etc.

In short, depends what you’re looking for. Hope that helps.


So are you saying keeping all the records within Adalo’s encrypted database is a better route than using a 3rd party to record the data? I want to use a 3rd party verify that the identity cards provided ate real and I was hoping there was an established avenue for this. Keeping all the image records for ID’s would help if anything were to go wrong between users based on agreement but I want to ensure that all parties are covered in terms of dealing with real people as well.

You can use a third-party API to do this I think. In order to send an image to this API, it first must be saved on your Adalo database so that it can be used in the custom action. You could have it automatically deleted after the API runs, however.

Seconded on this.

External data storage (firebase, supa, etc.) would be more secure than Adalo, as Adalo doesn’t have roles within the editor.

But as @theadaloguy mentioned, if the user loads the photo, you send it via api to the auth service, then delete the photo - all of this should be fine. You are only temporarily storing it in that case.

If you’re storing it long term, 3rd party is probably the way to go.

Alright I’ll be honest, some help with this would be appreciated do you guys have any sources on where to start?

Not at the moment. We’re going to add a supabase or firebase tutorial to in the future, but not there yet…