Difference between PWA and WebApp

Hi all.

Currently I am developing a PWA. But I hate the screen prompt asking to install the app showing up everytime for new users. So I am considering shifting to a WebApp. (Just copy the screens and update the link)

Is there anything I should be aware of? Will the responsiveness be completely different? A slower app? or…?

best regards

Hello, PWA means “Progressive Web App”. I think what you mean is that you want to make your app a desktop web app not a mobile one, because if you open the mobile PWA on a desktop, it will appear a QR code to download the app. If that’s what you mean, then there’s no difference in the speed or the responsiveness. You can copy your screens to your new desktop PWA.

Yes Thank you for answering. My screen sizes will be The same on The “desktop” web app. Probably look like hell on a desktop but still preferable to the install prompt…

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