Responsive Web Apps?

I’m wondering if I really need a native mobile app for my users. A responsive web app would be fine, as long as it can be installed as a PWA on the device.

If I use standard Adalo components in a web app, will it be responsive for mobile devices? Will I be able to create a PWA manifest for these devices?

Hi @gadgetboy! If you want to create a PWA (progressive web app), you simply need to select “Mobile” when creating an app in Adalo, then click “Share” and scan the QR code (or send via SMS) to install on your phone.

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Thanks, Jeremy.

I created a site from a template, published it and tested it on my devices. It functioned pretty well.

The only thing that I noticed (and couldn’t discover how to quickly fix) is the PWA icon. It kept producing a generic one on both iOS and Android. I’m sure I’ll figure it out over time.


May be we should have the PWA apps available at Adalo Subdomain links?

Actually that was the expectation when starting with Adalo: I expected Adalo Subdomain link to get me to the same interface I see in

It was quite a surprise that if I want the app to be available at an address one can remember I would need to rebuild the whole app as desktop web (and lose the PWA functions).

Or am I doing it wrong and there is an easier way?

Hey, when you guys comes with responsive web app (because some clients want only webapp)

Same i have been getting through, is there web app posibilities? such as front side and dashboard admin side, like a CMS. is this possible to build with Adalo?

To make a Progressive Web App (PWA), simply pick “Mobile” when creating an app in Adalo, then click “Share” and scan the QR code (or send through SMS) to install on your phone.