Difference between simulator and android build

I’ve been working on an app and at the moment on the simulator works fine, but when building the android apk has a lot of flaws. For instance, on the simulator I can add a a new product and add a photo for it and see it on the home screen, while running the android apk on the device I can’t see the image for the product, only text. On the simulator if I tap on order product I am redirected to a confirmation screen, while on the android apk I’m not. And a lot of differences like this that basically makes my work from the last weeks useless, although on previous builds the same functionality worked

Which app are you experiencing these issues? I will take a look in to it further.

The app is called WeShare

@Colin The same thing happens on multiple devices, with different users logged in. The current user is not able to see his newly added item, although on the simulator it works fine.

@Colin Any updates on this issue? I still face this issue, and is a major blocker for my app release
Test on android 10 and you will see that any photo taken and added on the app will not be visible to the user that added it

@Colin Any updates on this issue?

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