Different data results in previewer and PWA

Got a strange behaviour in filtering of data:
In the previewer I get the expected results with all filters applied:

On my iPhone testing the PWA I get this:

I ensured that I cleared browser caches, logged in fresh with same user etc.
Difference still stays the same.
I guess I have to adjust one of the filter. BUT: How should I do this, if I cannot ensure that the result I am seeing in the previewer is actually correct?
Data caching seems to become an issue in the previewer.
I lost some hours of work relying on something that actually does not exist :frowning:
@anon78309838 Any ideas?

I can’t add a slider for my tasks. As foe me @anon78309838 answered, it didn’t work out for me! Any ideas? I am writing here, since there is no way to write on the topic in the public, there you can leave only three messages (((

@Nikolay-Puh Please open a new thread. That has nothing to do with my topic

@karimoo Never come across this before. If you open up inspect element and check for your user info in the console for both pwa and previewer is it the same user?

Happy to take a look over with you on a call!

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