Different icons on markers

I’m using Google maps to display places. Places has few categories and I want to display icon in marker depends on category. How to make separate marker icon for every category?

You use magic text for the images. Create a categories collection, add icons for each category, then map against your locations (every location needs a category). Then use the magic text to get the place’s category’s icon.

I don’t know if you understand properly. I want to change map markers icon based on places category.
I saw I can do this but for all items and I need for specific category.

Are you saying you want to show multiple icons for each place?

If yes, then you need to premake the categories (plus icon image). Your categories would end up looking like:
cat1: food
cat2: gas
cat3: grocery
cat4: food, gas
cat5: food, grocery
cat6: food, gas grocery

Then have an image for each.

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Yeah, I figred it out. Thanks.