Differentiate opened and unopened conversations

Hello everyone, could someone please advise me on how to differentiate opened conversations from unopened ones? I know there is a tutorial that shows this with read statuses but it requires to create a collection and numerous records. Isn’t there a way how to do that simply with let’s say visibility/colour? Thanks for all suggestions :slight_smile:

Even when you work with visibility and colors for a status(opened/unopened), you somehow need to manage these data. As there is no local storage or variable handling in Adalo the only way is through storing data in collections.

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That is a shame as I would prefer not to make an extensive collection of read statuses :confused: Hopefully, there will be a better solution in a future. Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

There is a feature request here: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/app-and-screen-level-variables

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