Unread conversations notification

I have implemented the Read Status check for my Conversations and it is working as expected.

The ‘New’ icon displays correctly if there are unread messages in the current conversation.

However, i’m now attempting to create a notification which displays on the main homepage if there are ANY unread conversations.

I’ve tried the following;

  1. Insert icon I want to display if unread conversations exist
  2. Make this icon a list of conversations
  3. Show only conversations where the logged in user is a conversation member

this is where i’m stuck…
4) I’m trying to filter the list to only show conversations where the last message sent time stamp of this conversation is after the last read status associated with this conversation created by the logged in user.

The logic makes sense to me but i don’t have the available options to set this up. All I can see is 'is after… Logged in user…

I was maybe expecting to see > Current conversation > Logged in User > Read status (or something else im not quite sure…)

I could then order the list in order of Created most recently…

Any thoughts on how this can be achieved please?


Hi @MM792,

I have some idea here, finishing the tests, will expand tomorrow.


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Thank you @Victor - very much appreciated!

Hi @MM792,

Finished the video, please see it here:

I didn’t manage to make it work with Read Statuses (the whole solution becomes too complicated). So decided to create an alternative one.

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you very much @Victor , I’ll take a look at this first thing tomorrow. Thanks again

This works brilliantly thank you @Victor , the removal of the Read Status’ is very useful too as you mention it can create lots very quickly.


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Hi @Victor,

Will this work when a user sends multiple separate messages in a row or will it confuse the system because each time the send button is being clicked it’s adding the same “current user” multiple times to the conversation?


Works fine for me


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Hi @Jal10c,

For me it worked normally. As “current user” is already added to the relation, nothing else happens when logged-in user sends another message.

Best regards,

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This is amazing, thank you for this tutorial.


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