Digital goods work incorrectly in Test Flight

I have consumable purchases in the app. Each purchase updates the “purchase date” in the user’s database by +30+90 or +365 days.

If the “purchase date” is after today, then the user gets access to all the functions of the application.

If “purchase date” is before today then the user will be directed to the digital purchases page.

So! Important! I have everything set up perfectly, but I have a problem and I think it’s on Adalo’s side.

My digital shopping screen contains 3 buttons:

  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 365 days

When testing on the web, everything works fine and the “purchase date” is extended by the selected number of days.

There is a problem in the Test Flight … With any purchase (+30 or + 90 or +365 days), the “purchase date” is extended by 365 days.

If I remove the “purchase” for 365 days from the product page (done through the sheet) and check out the purchase for 30 days, then the “purchase date” will be extended by 90 days…

if I leave only one button + 30 days on the “digital purchases” screen, then it works fine…

This is a mistake on Adalo’s side. How to fix it?

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