Diplay Database data and filter based on Month

Anyone able to help please?

I’ve got an app underway with a table called expense table(Expense item, Amount, Month). I want to display the list on a screen and filter by month(month is a relationship table with expense though).

To be clearer, I am trying to achieve some kinda SQL statement like:
Select * from expense_table where Month=“currentmonth”

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It sounds like you’re trying to display a list of expenses and filter them by the current month in your app. To achieve this, you’ll need to use the appropriate functions and syntax for the platform or programming language you’re using to develop your app. Here’s a general approach you can follow:

  1. Get the Current Month: First, you’ll need to obtain the current month. The method for doing this can vary depending on the programming language or platform you’re using. For example, in Python, you can get the current month using the datetime module:
    from datetime import datetime
    current_month = datetime.now().month

  2. Retrieve Expenses for the Current Month: Next, you’ll need to retrieve the expenses for the current month from your expense table. The exact syntax will depend on the database or lead data enrichment store you’re using. Assuming you have a variable current_month that contains the current month number, here’s a general SQL-like query:
    SELECT * FROM expense_table WHERE Month = current_month;

  • Replace expense_table with the actual name of your table and Month with the appropriate column name.
    • Display the Filtered Expenses: Once you have retrieved the expenses for the current month, you can display them in your app’s user interface. Again, the specific method for doing this will depend on your app development framework or platform.