Diplay Database data and filter based on Month

Anyone able to help please?

I’ve got an app underway with a table called expense table(Expense item, Amount, Month). I want to display the list on a screen and filter by month(month is a relationship table with expense though).

To be clearer, I am trying to achieve some kinda SQL statement like:
Select * from expense_table where Month=“currentmonth”

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So if I follow correctly, you have a table month with records like this…

1, January
2, February
3, March… and so on.

You could use a dropdown to display month.
Then your list filter = dropdown value

You could also use a horizontal list to display months, then update a hidden input box when it is clicked.
Your list filter = hiddenInput

You could have static images or text that update the hiddenInput value with the month
List is filter = hiddenInput

Dropdown is easier and less user actions counted.
Horizontal list is better UX but more complex and more user actions counted.
Static text will load quicker but more user actions needed.

I would use a dropdown

Good luck :+1:
(9 months late) Thanks autobot ChatGPT for bumping the thread.