Filter by Month

Is there a way to filter by month or get month from date? For example I have a list of transactions with dates but I want to be able to see the monthly total for month selected.

Unfortunately there’s not a straightforward way to do this. But you could create a collection for Months, which would have properties for start date and end date. You could have a dropdown where users pick a months, and then filter your listed based on the selected month’s start date and end date.

Hi Guys,

I bumped into the same problem and came with this solution that works fine “in the Editor” to return 12 Month Names or number with a lighter config not using Month-start-date/Month-end-date…plus it works for all years to come, so No-code modif needed for next years… :yum:

Maybe @Ben can run test on REAL devices as well as test for other “countries Date time format” (Asian and else…)

So the idea was to TRY to locate the Month String in the Date value returned :
Using “Updates filters” and a field to convert this Date Picker value to a TEXT one, this can be achieved in the following way…
Results returned is the Month Name (Month Number)

  • It would be nice if ADALO could offer to use the DATE PICKER “directly” for Filters (not possible at this moment)
  • if they could make sure the String format will never change ie “-06-” “/06/”
    …for this would break this work arround.

*See pics : test made with “5 of June” and “6 of May” to make sure there is no confusion

:hugs: Loving Adalo each days more…

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I found a solution to this problem a little simpler