Display a table containing data from multiple database tables

Hello all,

I would like to display a table that aggregates data from multiple database tables.

In my example I have a table of users with 3 fields e-mail, phone, name
I also have a table of houses with 2 fields address, postcode. Each user can have one or more houses.
I also have a table of solar installations with 3 installationsize, installationcost and installer. Each house can have one or more solar installations.

I’d like to generate a table (just for my view) where I can see all of the 8 fields above in an 8 column table.

Is this possible in Adalo ? If there is a freelancer who offers the paid service of doing this example in direct with me, I’m willing to sign up.

Best regards / Colm

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Make a custom list of ‘Installations’ you can then reference the parent collections to populate your 8 column table fully.

If you need help beyond this then feel free to drop me a message.

Hello Rozza,

Thanks for the pointer. Would you be open to giving a coaching session, one hour perhaps, at some point this week ? I think it would be the most useful for me. I can pay via Stripe , Resolut or whatever suits.

Best regards / Colm

It would be my first. so let’s say enough for a coffee if it helps you :smiley:

I will DM you

It is doable for sure. I know you’re already speaking with @Rozza about this and I’m not trying to step on Rozza’s toes here but I offer mentoring sessions to help with situations exactly like this.

Rozza’s offer for a cup of coffee is a great deal, definitely more than I charge :joy:

So if/when you’re ready, here are the details: One-on-one Adalo Mentoring 💎