Display different prices for different sellers in the same seller list


I am here to see if it is possible to build a book/library catalog app where users can use it to find books in different bookstores in a geographically close bookstore.

I have worked on many of the features here on adalo but I have not been able to set different prices for different bookstores. The app will allow each bookstore/bookseller to set, change, and update the price for each book they are selling. So when a reader looks for a book on the app and finds it, the screen will show information about the book and also a list of bookstores that has this book in-store with the prices on it. Meaning each bookstore has a different price.

What I fail at doing is to show different prices different for the different bookstores in the same list of bookstores.

Thanks for helping

Hi @nuripm,

I think that it’s definitely possible to create this.
I’ve created a small POC, please see the video here:


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Thanks a lot @Victor. This is amazing. I can not thank you enough. Much appreciations.


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