Complex Pricing Structure with Database

I am using Adalo to create a booking and payment system for my cleaning business. Currently, my developer and I are at a standstill with the pricing structure. I was informed that based upon the functionality of Adalo and it’s cart system, the pricing structure that I already have planned out will not work and I’d have to redo my pricing to fit Adalo.

His suggestion was be for me to create a base price for my standard cleaning and then add on for each bedroom, bathroom, square footage (if needed), and other services. The problem 1) I’d have to recreate my pricing structure 2) The prices would not be the same as what we have now and not be competitive in our market.


(It reads like this) If Ashely selected a standard cleaning service for a 1 bedroom/1bathroom house that was 800 sq. ft her total would be $140.

I have provided my current examples below, but I am curious if there is a way to use my complex pricing structure with Adalo? If there are other options I am completely open to hearing them. I’ve played around with SheetDB before but not for something as complex as this.

Hi @Keiana ,

My suggestion would be to create long list of the complete pricing structure you can think of.

So whenever users choose 3 factors, which are bedrooms,bathrooms,floors sq, a filter can be applied so it can show the total pricing of your pre-calculated number.