Display issue with a navigation sidebar


I don’t understand why my design doesn’t display correctly when previewing my web app.
I tried changing some design attributes but the bugs persist.

Here’s a screenshot of what I designed in the editor:

And here’s what’s being displayed:

UPDATE: I tried adding a second navbar to the right (don’t ask me why) and it solved the issue. But I cannot keep the 2 navbars… maybe this can help find out why it’s not displaying properly.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Thibaut,

I believe what you want to try is adding is a rectangle object that fills the rest of the screen but is a 0% opacity background. This may help to keep the object from resizing for the screen.

@thib consider upvoting this request: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/a-training-piece-from-adalo-on-how-the-rendering-rules-work

I asked a month ago for a simple training piece on how the rendering rules work for page layout: Anyone understand Adalo's page rendering rules?

It takes a lot of messing with things to get a layout to work. Would be really great if someone who understands the ruleset their rendering uses could teach us the basics in a video. It’s using something akin to the CSS box model but with a bunch of corollaries I don’t understand.

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