Display problem in a published app on Google Play


I have a display problem in a published app on Google Play.
Please help to solve the problem.

the list with the tariff screen in the application downloaded from the google play is displayed incorrectly?

Although if you look at the same page(screen) in the web version, everything is fine.

I am attaching screenshots.

Each separate tariff is made as a separate list and information is obtained from the adalo database about the price, description and amount of the discount.

Screenshot from Google play

Screnshot from web version

Setting of list for plan

@Ilya_DDD I would make sure that your text inputs are not overlapping each other and test if you were to input data in the top box.

If I understood you correctly, then yes, in the topmost square, I do not display any information.

But the question is that those 2 squares that remained one of them are not displayed correctly.

Why is this happening?

What you wrote about ‘inputs are not overlapping each other’ I think no

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