Layout bug on Android

Hi @ashley, Team Adalo and members :v:

I’ve now launched my app (Sidecourt) but Android users are getting an unexpected layout bug in which only half the screen is shown - see the attached file.

There are 3 lists with conditioned visibility beneath the image but it shouldn’t affect the layout and doesn’t on iOS nor in preview.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Or does this have to be fixed manually by Adalo?

Thanks in advance,

I’m also experiencing some issues like this. Some components sometimes will not shows exactly the same with the previewer.

Mostly it happens when we play with visibility, custom lists, grouping components.

But maybe in your case, do you put a rectangle behind that custom list (something that you want it become a background)? If yes, then try to extend that rectangle much further to the bottom until it surpass your custom list’s yellow box.