Lists are getting crazy!

I have an input field, and a list with (Name) is Equal To (Input2)
I created a Coupon system and everything was okay until yestedray suddenly the list Button went crazy!!.
Some time it shows a resault an some time doesn’t, if i wanna see a resault then i have to go back then go to the same screen again to have a resault, this problem is getting worse since yesterday ,and i was about to Deploy my app today to upload it to the store when this Problem appeared!!
Whats going on guys? 5 hours of working trying to solve this problem !

Hi Kenan

This is most likely an issue with preview and not an issue with your input list. Sometimes your browser caches information, preventing lists from showing. Deploy to testflight and see if the issue persists.


Thanks Erik.

I tried on Difrent browsers but it doesnt work, i had to change everything so this problem wont happen again

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