Displaying Related Courses

My database contains the following relational collections (many to many):

Course Keywords

I have a screen: Individual Course

On that screen is displayed the course the user is currently viewing.

At the bottom of that screen I’m trying to create a list that will display other courses which contain any of the same keywords which the current course contains.

However, I cannot seem to filter that way. The list is a list of courses, and the first filter is “all courses” I’m then expecting to be able to add a second filter that says “if Course Keywords contain any of the Current Course Keywords” then show the course in the list.

But I can’t make these selections. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @tanner ,

I have modified this cloneable app to simulate your issue.

Please assume user collection as course and company as keywords.

You can check the visibility that I use for filtering.

If you need more explanation, you can create simple cloneable app that show your use case and I apply it there.

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ahhhhh you did it @Yongki! :heart:

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