Link to filtered search from tag list

I’m stuck with filtering a list and I am trying to figure out whether I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just not possible with a many-to-many relationship (since I have it working with a one-to-many).

Let’s say I have three tables:

When people leave a rating for an item, they can add one or more tags to that rating.

I want to let visitors browse items based on tags added to ratings. I set this up by showing a chip list of all tags (that works). Then, I want someone to tap a chip to see a list of items (not ratings) associated with that tag. I have it working with a similar field that doesn’t have a many-to-many (imagine - each rating could have one location) but not with this one so I’m wondering if that’s what it is.

A workaround I could imagine is setting a filtering field equal to the text of all the tags put together, and searching that.

Hi @sob ,

Can you make cloneable app with this kind of use case ?

It would save time to just work on it.

I have done few examples of filtering in the old posts, you may want to check them too.

@Yongki while making a cloneable app, I actually got it to work! Not sure what I was doing wrong before.

Here’s a cloneable app (not my real use case) for anyone else who is trying to do the same thing.

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Great, happy to hear that.

By redoing we might have clearer mind therefore get the result we want.